Shore To Shore

Strategically integrated supply chain, providing a complete range of sustainable Brand Apparel Labeling and Print Packaging Solutions to the Global Fashion Retailers & Apparel Manufactures

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What We Do.

Shore To Shore is your one stop solution provider for all your branding and packaging needs.

S2S EXPO Fabric Surface+

Custom Heat Transfers, Multi-color Design, 3D High Density, Reflective, Glitter, Metallic, Foils, Iridescence, Mat/ Shiny, Photochromic, 4 Way Stretch And Recovery, Sustainable Cork Material, Emboss & Deboss Tech
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EXPO Engineering

Innovative Solutions Provider Enhancing Apparel and Luxury Sustainable packaging Print and Hybrid Finishing Technology. Integrating Material Science Engineering and Print. High Precision CNC, Automation, Proprietary Tech, Co-Creation, Elevate Performance.

S2S ECO Paperware

Design, Develop, Deliver Inspirational Sustainable Packaging

EXPO Bonding Dry Tech

Stretch-Recovery Performance Series, Compression Tech, Antislip Tech, Anti Migration Tech, Water Repellent Tech, Reflective Series, Soft Hand Feel, Durability

S2S Speed Labeling

S2S Print Service Bureau
Needle Point Labelling & Print Solution, Global Care Code and Symbol management, Multilingual Care Label Translations, Speed Order Management

S2S Trend Intel

Build Your Own Collection.
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